Community Outreach

Memorial actively supports mission efforts locally, nationally, and internationally. Each year we strive to maintain and increase our financial commitment, as well as to increase our direct and personal involvement in mission and outreach activities. In addition to sponsoring missionary Viking Dietrich in West Africa, listed below are examples of programs and organizations supported by Memorial Church.
Thrift Shop: This on-going activity provides an opportunity for folks to recycle good new or used items. They are then sold at minimal cost. Operating from the "Old Bakery," it is open at least one weekend each month. Resources are also used to provide aid to people with emergency needs.
UNITED CAMPUS MINISTRY:Memorial is the largest single financial supporter of U.C.M. among the churches in our area. In addition, we have several members who actively participate on the Board of Directors. We are committed to the support of U.C.M.

SPONSORED CAMPERSHIPS: Memorial has funds set apart to help eligible families send their children to a Lutheran Camping Corporation camp.

CHRIST AMONG NEIGHBORS: Memorial strongly supports this important ecumenical ministry in Shippensburg We provide the office space (at the mission center), free utilities and many volunteers to work each week to offer financial assistance and referral service to the needy of our community.

Katie's Place: Exists to serve as a gathering place for people of all ages and as a distribution site for charitable human services for the people of the Shippensburg community and the surrounding area. It currently is the home for SPO (Shippensburg Produce Outreach),  Thrift Shop, and Christ Among Neighbors.

SPO:  Shippensburg Produce and Outreach (SPO) is a faith-based, charitable
organization that provides fresh produce, eggs and other services to the needy of the
Shippensburg community. We currently distribute produce every Tuesday to nearly 175
households. Memorial participates in Shippensburg Produce and Outreach. It is not our ministry alone.

Online Giving & Benevolence: Help support Memorial. Any donations are greatly appreciated!