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 Lutheran Church



       This book was Published for the Re-dedication of the Renovated Interior of the church. The Re-dedication services were held June 17-24, 1956.

     The book which has been converted to a text file that it may be searchable and copied from in a more convenient form. At this time, I am still refining and correcting. If you see something that needs to be changed please let me know. I have a link on page 22 the words (candlepower) go to a page of explanation. If this seems unnecessary, I will remove it. If you see other things that could use explanation links they could be added. It is not my intent to change the wording or content of the Red Book as I have heard it referred to.

    Some of the pages have remained as pictures however the vast majority is now in text form. Click Next Page to follow through the book.

    A jump to page index can be added here.

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